Lietuvos Respublikos Seimas

First Seimas 1922 - 1923

Elected on 10-11 October 1922, according to the Law on Elections of 1922

78 representatives were elected

Leonas BISTRAS, Chairman of the First Seimas (13 November 1922 - 12 March 1923)


The First Seimas was elected on October 10-11, 1922, and convened for its first session on November 13, 1922. The First Seimas was in existence for a comparatively short time (5 months), and was quite mixed by its composition. Christian Democrats, who earlier supported drafting of the Constitution and the agricultural reform, got only 15 seats, National Peasants – 20, Farmers' Union - 12, Social Democrats - 10, Federation of Laborites - 11, Social Populists - 6. This was the only Seimas in which Communists (5 seats) acted. The First Seimas elected Aleksandras Stulginskis as President of the Republic. Ernestas Galvanauskas presented the new Cabinet of Ministers, however, he did not receive a majority vote of confidence as the position and opposition had practically equal representation in the parliament. Under such conditions government became exceedingly difficult and, therefore, after four months, the First Seimas was dissolved by the President of the Republic of Lithuania on March 12, 1923.

While the First Seimas was in session, Lithuania received the de jure recognition of Great Britain, France and Italy. The Territory of Klaipėda was joined to Lithuania on February 16, 1923.

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