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Member of the Seimas 1996-2000

Kęstutis SKREBYS

Kęstutis SKREBYS*

Member of the Seimas from 11/25/1996 till 10/18/2000.

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Was elected to the Seimas 1992 - 1996.


Born on 14 June 1965 in Panevėžys, into middle-class family.

In 1983 finished Panevėžys secondary school No. 4.

In 1983-1985 studied at the Department of Physics of Vilnius University.

In 1982-1990 - studied at Kaunas Polytechnic Institute (currently - Technologic University).

In 1985-1992 - worked at Panevėžys Faculty of Kaunas Polytechnic Institute.

In spring 1992 - appointed a representative of the Government in Panevėžys region.

Member of the Seimas since September 1992, Deputy head of the Political Prisoners and deportees freedom Faction, member of the Administration Reforms and Self-government Affairs Committee.

Minister of the Administration Reforms and Self-government Affairs since 4 December 1996.

One of the founders of the Homeland Union (Lithuanian Conservatives) (1993). Member of the Board of the Homeland Union (Lithuanian Conservatives), co-ordinator of its Administration Reforms and Self-government Affairs Committee, as well member of the Youth Affairs Committee.

Speaks Russian and German languages.

Married. Has a daughter.

Member of the Seimas Delegation to the Interparliamentary Union.

Member of the Parliamentary Group for the Relations with the Czech Republic.

Member of the Parliamentary Relations Group of Lithuania and the Republic of Austria.


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