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Member of the Seimas 1996-2000

Vidmantas ŽIEMELIS

Vidmantas ŽIEMELIS*

Member of the Seimas from 11/25/1996 till 10/18/2000.

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Was elected to the Seimas 1992 - 1996.
Was elected to the Supreme Council - Reconstituent Seimas 1990 - 1992.


Born on 4 December 1950 in Molėtai region, into a family of teachers.

In 1977 graduated from the Department of Law of Vilnius University. Worked as a workman and later as a legal advisor at the Amalgamation of Chemical Consumer Products.

In 1981-1990 - assistant to the Prosecutor at Vilnius Prosecutor’s Office in charge of transportation issues.

In 1984 - Prosecutor of the General Supervision Department of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Lithuania.

Member of the Seimas since 1992.

Member of the Lithuania Society of Lawyers. Published articles on the issues of law and politics.

Former member of the CPSU till 1989. After the rebirth movement started, voluntarily withdrew from the Communist Party, In co-operation with other colleagues at the Prosecutor’s Office of Lithuania established the Sąjūdis group.

In 1989-1990 - member of Vilnius City Sąjūdis Council.

In 1996-1998 - Minister of the Interior.

Former member of the Homeland Union (Lithuanian Conservatives).

In 1994 - study trip to France, Canada. In 1999 - study trip to Norway, Sweden.

Speaks English, French and Russian languages.

Married. Has two children.

Member of the Seimas Delegation to the Interparliamentary Union.

Member of the Parliamentary Group for the Relations with Tibet.

Member of the Parliamentary Group for the Relations with France.


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