Second Seimas 1923 - 1926 

Elected on 12-13 May 1923

78 representatives were elected

Antanas TUMĖNAS, Chairman of the Second Seimas
(10 May 1923 - 10 July 1923)

Justinas STAUGAITIS, Chairman of the Second Seimas
(10 July 1923 - 27 January 1925)

Leonas BISTRAS, Chairman of the Second Seimas
(27 January 1925 - 25 September 1925)

Vytautas PETRULIS, Chairman of the Second Seimas
(25 September 1925 - 26 March 1926)



The Second Seimas was elected on 12-13 May, 1923. The National Peasants formed a coalition with the Christian Democrats bloc, who again had a majority in the Seimas - 40 out of 78 seats. Aleksandras Stulginskis was reelected as President of the Republic. The Cabinet of Ministers was formed by Ernestas Galvanauskas on a coalition basis between Christian Democrats and National Peasants. The coalition lasted for a year, until June 18, 1924. Thereafter, the Christian Democrats relied on its own majority in forming successively three governments over the next two years.The Second Seimas served full term of office, however, even four Chairmen changed during that time.

The Second Seimas resembled the Constituent Assembly (Seimas) in its productivity and continued the latter's legislative activity. The fundamental laws of the independent republic were passed, land reform was tackled with great intensity, more stability was introduced into the country's financial and economic situation, and the tax system was normalised. A great deal of attention was devoted to the development and expansion of the school network and institutions of higher education. The Second Seimas finished its sessions on March 26, 1926.

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