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ICT working group seminar      Miscellaneous
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Infromacija apie Viešųjų pirkimų įstatymo Nr. X-471 10 straipsnio pakeitimo įstatymo projekto Nr. XIIP-1594 svaratymą      Committee on Economics
Institutions Accountable to the Seimas      LINKS
International Conference „Baltic States at the Outbreak of the USSR-German War in 1941“      Great Losses of 1941
International conference The Year 1940 in the Baltic States: The Iron Curtain Descends      Events staged on the 70th anniversary of Lithuania’s occupation and the Day of Mourning and Hope
International Organisations Unit      International Relations Department
International Relations      "National Action Plan for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in the Republic of Lithuania"
International Relations Department      INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS
International Response      2011
International seminars.      Seminars
Internet sites      Parliamentary Delegations
Internet sites about the Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania      40TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE PUBLICATION OF THE CHRONICLE OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN LITHUANIA
Inter-Parliamentary Relations Unit      International Relations Department

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