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Temporary Parliamentary Group "For Equality"      Parliamentary Groups
Testimonies of History      Lithuania's occupation (15 June 1940)
Testimonies of History      Occupation of Lithuania: repressions, losses, destinies
The Baltic Assembly      Internet sites
The Baltic Assembly      Internet sites
The First Victim of the Soviet Occupation, Col Aleksandras Barauskas (1899-1940), Chief of Ûta Frontier Station      Testimonies of History
The loss of the Lithuanian population during the occupation      Testimonies of History
The Parliamentary Forum meeting      Events, Conferences, Seminars
The pen and the word      Autobiography
The rest      From the seal’s perspective (publications)
"The Way of Courage" Political Group (till 06/19/2014)      Political Groups in the Seimas
The world's response      We were THERE. THEY were with us
Third Seimas 1926 - 12 April 1927      HISTORY OF THE SEIMAS
Those who gave their lives      HISTORY
To the young generation      Autobiography

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