Seimas Speaker: Lithuania lost its true friend – Vaclav Havel
The Seimas will host the exhibition of Tolminkiemis plein air paintings dedicated to Kristijonas Donelaitis’ 300th birth anniversary
Mrs Degutienė and Mr Filat Discussed the Importance of Parliamentary Relations on Moldova’s Path towards European Integration
Cooperation between Lithuania and Japan featured in the photo exhibition in the Seimas
Condolences to the people of Norway from Mrs Degutienė, Speaker of the Lithuanian Parliament
Irena Degutienė, Speaker of the Seimas, Addressed the President and Members of the European Parliament Regarding the Actions of Austria to Release the Suspect in the Case of 13 January 1991
Irena Degutienė, Speaker of the Seimas, met with Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, and paid tribute to the memory of the freedom fighters at the Memorial of January 13
Speaker of the Seimas Says It Is Important that Sometimes Cynical and Anti-value Tendencies of Realpolitik Do Not Return to Europe
In his meeting with the Speaker of the Seimas, the Head of the Bundestag expressed his belief in a possible agreement with the EU not to buy electricity from the unsafe nuclear plants to be constructed close to the Lithuanian border
Speaker of the Seimas and Chairman of the Seimas Committee on Foreign Affairs Have Signed a Letter Addressed to the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Regarding Safe Energy Projects
Absence of the consensus on Ukraine’s membership of the EU places value on the negotiation of the specific EU-Ukraine agreements
Luxembourg understands Lithuania’s concern over the nuclear power plant construction projects implemented in its neighbourhood
Speaker of the Seimas condemns racist and chauvinist episodes
Speaker of the Seimas and President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly: ours is an important mission of presenting NATO’s activities to the public
Speaker of the Seimas offers condolences to families and relatives of the victims killed in Minsk and all the people of our neighbouring country
Speaker of the Seimas assures the President of Croatia that ratification of Croatia’s EU accession documents at the Seimas should be smooth
Seimas Speaker offers condolences to the people of Japan suffering the massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami
The Presidium of the Trilateral Parliamentary Assembly of Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine Wishes to Hold its Meeting at the European Parliament
Speaker of the Seimas thanks Althingi, Icelandic Parliament, for its decision to recognise the independence of Lithuania twenty years ago
Speaker of the Seimas and President of Azerbaijan Focus on Energy, Strengthening of Business Relations, and Cooperation
Speaker of the Seimas Meets with First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in Kiev
The Seimas Speaker suggests involving responsible parliamentary committees of other states in the consultations over Mistral
Speaker of the Seimas, Irena Degutienė: the words of Pope John Paul II to Lithuania in January 1991 sounded like a whiff of freedom and hope inspiring the nation to a further fight for its own and other nations’ freedom

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