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Seimas Speaker presents the draft programme and priorities of the Seimas regular autumn session

Press release, 10 September 2012


Seimas Speaker Mrs Irena Degutienė presented a draft work programme and priorities of the 9th regular autumn session*, the last one for the current-term MPs. The Speaker stressed that the draft programme included as few as 262 draft legal acts, however, she added that it would not be easy to implement even such a shortened programme during the sittings scheduled.

"A number of issues will have to be dealt with at this session because, for various reasons, we did not manage to address them during the last spring session. When consulting the committee chairmen and elders of political groups, I did and do ask them to review draft legal acts and submit only the drafts that need urgent attention. As usual, the autumn session will have to consider the 2013 budgets of the state and municipalities, the State Social Insurance Fund, and the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund. Pension system reform will also be a top priority. Discussions have been underway for a couple of years and debates have commenced at the spring session, so it would be really appreciated if the Seimas finished the work begun in a constructive manner and clearly defined the pension system framework for the coming decades," Mrs Degutienė said.

The Speaker highlighted that amendments to the Law on Referendum should be considered immediately, even prior to the parliamentary elections, since implementation of this Law would help to save up to 2 million litas from the national budget. It is also necessary to resolve another issue –– that of substitutes for all ombudsmen appointed by the Seimas.

Among other priorities, Mrs Degutienė identified draft legal acts relating to sound public finances, more favourable business environment, improvement of public services and modernisation of civil service, and reduction of administrative burden. Important legislative proposals on law enforcement consolidation will also be on the agenda.

The Speaker pointed out that this Seimas would be obliged to resolve some persistent issues and some issues relating to regulation of Seimas members’ activities.

"What I have in mind is the law on rights, obligations and activity guaranties of Seimas members. We also have to complete and adopt a new version of the Statute of the Seimas. As at each previous session, it is necessary to consider and enact legislation related to Lithuania's membership of the European Union. In respect of some draft laws, EU law infringement proceedings have already been launched or the European Commission has sent us letters of formal notice," Mrs Degutienė stated.

The Speaker also drew attention to the fact that the session programme did not include draft legal acts proposed by political groups or MPs: "It is unrealistic that we could submit, discuss and adopt more than 340 drafts within one and a half month. Dear colleagues, the schedule of the autumn session, approved by the Board of the Seimas, makes us all to remain focused both at plenaries and committees in order to complete the work in progress rather than take on new tasks that would not be possible to properly carry out to the full," Mrs Degutienė said.


* On 25 September 2021, the Seimas adopted the Resolution on the agenda of the ninth Seimas (Autumn) Session. A total of 64 MPs voted in favour, 4 against, with 39 abstained. According to the schedule approved by the Board of the Seimas, 24 plenary sessions will be held between 25 September and the end of the autumn session.




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