Address of Mr. Viktoras Muntianas, Speaker of the Seimas at the Ceremony of Hoisting Flags of the Three Baltic States on the Independence Square


Y. E. President of the Republic of Lithuania,

Dear Members of the Seimas and the Government,

Signatories to the Act of Independence,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Welcome to the Independence Square to rekindle our memories on this significant day and to rejoice at the fact we live in an independent Lithuania for18 years now.


This symbolic site near the Buildings of Parliament is the place where the restitution of an independent Lithuania was first declared, and we can always feel the spirit of freedom here, embodied in our prayers and the national anthem. The freedom was defended by barricades and preserved in our hearts. I have no doubt, that the nation who succeeded in preserving a spirit of freedom will never refuse genuine independence.


Our national flag has just been hoisted full mast. The raising of the flag is a sign of victory. It signifies the victory of the state and the nation in the fight for its right to live. We take pride in our flag, because thousands of Lithuanians have offered their lives for the opportunity we now have to openly show respect to this symbol of statehood. Let us remember those who perished in the fight for freedom, died in exile, and passed away in prisons. Let us observe a minute of silence to pay tribute to them.


Thank you.


In our celebration we are joined by our nearest neighbours who had also fought for their freedom and know its genuine price. They are represented by the military orchestras and the troops of the companies of the Latvian and Estonian Honorary Guard. Thank you for coming to the anniversary of our state. I am also grateful to all our foreign guests, who deliberately came to attend to this celebration and to the permanent representatives of foreign countries in Lithuania for being with us on this significant day.


I sincerely congratulate all the people of Lithuania, irrespective of whether they have assembled in this square or celebrate the occasion at home, and regardless of whether they are in Lithuania or abroad.


Most importantly, we should all strive to cherish and develop our genuine spirit of patriotism and allegiance to Lithuania.


Thank you.


 © Office of the Seimas, 2008