Česlovas Juršėnas – the new Speaker of the Seimas


1 April


The Seimas adopted the Seimas Resolution “Concerning the Speaker of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania”. Česlovas Juršėnas was appointed the new Speaker of the Seimas.


Secret ballot results: issued ballot papers – 129, found ballot papers – 128, valid ballot papers – 122, invalid ballot papers – 6. 76 parliamentarians voted for the appointment of Česlovas Juršėnas as the Speaker of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, and 46 voted against.


Pursuant to the Seimas Statute, candidates to the office of Seimas Speaker may be nominated by written application by at least 1/10 of the Seimas members. After being nominated to a post, candidates must, prior to the elections, state whether or not they agree to run for election. Each candidate to the office of Seimas Speaker, in alphabetical order, shall be granted the floor for up to 30 minutes and an equal amount of time allotted to answer questions. Thereafter, a debate shall commence if the Seimas members so desire. Speaker of the Seimas shall be elected by secret ballot. A candidate shall be deemed elected, if more than half of the voting Seimas members vote for him or her.


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