Speaker of the Seimas: political and economic changes promote closer relations between Lithuania and Latvia


11 January 2008


Speaker of the Seimas Viktoras Muntianas received Speaker of the Latvian Saeima Gundars Daudze.


During the conversation it was noted that the meeting was held after two events important for both countries – accession to the Schengen area and the formation of the new Latvian Government.


Mr. Muntianas expressed his concern about the problems of frontier residents. After the enlargement of the Schengen area, local roads crossing the border should be rebuilt, convenient bus connection organised, and bicycle paths made. Improvement of infrastructure would expand tourism opportunities as well.


The Speaker of the Seimas approved of the idea to provide pupils of frontier schools with an opportunity to learn the second Baltic language permanently as an elective subject of the curriculum. “This would be an opportunity for the Baltic nations to communicate without the help of the third languages,” noted Mr. Muntianas.


The Speaker of the Seimas drew attention to the fact that although borders between the states were removed, the Sea Border Agreement signed by Lithuania and Latvia in 1999 and ratified by the Lithuanian Seimas has not yet been ratified by the Latvian Saeima. The guest confirmed that the text of the agreement was returned to the Latvian Government and would be deliberated shortly.


The guest also approved of the initiatives to ensure cooperation of both countries in different fields, and search for possibilities for the national broadcasters to exchange information directly. According to Mr. Daudze, the Lithuanian experience is very important when dealing with energy issues. Currently, Latvia considers the possibilities and prospects of the construction of a nuclear power plant.


Secretariat of the Speaker of the Seimas

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