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For the best of young Europeans

For the best of young Europeans

Address of the Deputy Chairman of the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania, Chairman of the Committee on European Affairs, Member of the European Convention Mr. Vytenis Povilas Andriukaitis

On 21st of May I joined a large number of my colleagues - members of the European Convention, members of national parliaments as well as those of European Parliament in discussing the future of Europe with young Europeans all over Europe. I visited my school – the Petras Vileisis secondary school in town Kaunas, Lithuania. It was a great pleasure and a unique experience for me to take part in the project of the Spring Day in Europe. I could tell it was a thrilling experience to the Lithuanian school children as well.

Spring Day in Europe was an important day for European Union in terms of the questions European Convention is trying to find answers to at the moment. One of the main issues handled in the Convention is how to bring Europe closer to its citizens. Therefore, it is extremely important that young people take part in the debate about the European future along with us, members of the European Convention. In this way young people make their voices heard and get involved in the process of genuine European integration. Thus, the Spring Day was an excellent opportunity for my young countrymen to speak out and to be heard as well as to ask what we think about our future in Europe.

The purpose of the European Convention is to create hospitable and comfortable Europe both for younger and older generations of Europeans. Therefore, young people have to have a way of expressing their attitude on how Europe should be shaped to be a good place for them to live in.

Finally, I would like to express my satisfaction with the enthusiasm and active stand of the Lithuanian schools. The one I visited surprised me with the knowledge of the issues covered by the Convention, their inquisitiveness and the contacts they already established with other schools outside Lithuania. I do hope the project will become a recurrent event for may years to come.

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