Lietuvos Respublikos Seimas

S.Burbienės, J.Čekuolio, S.Dmitrijevo, D.Kutraitės-Giedraitienės, V.Landsbergio, D.Mikutienės, J.Oleko ir V.Stankevičiaus komandiruotės į Prancūzijos Respubliką 2001 01 21-26 d. ataskaita

Ataskaita apie dalyvavimą ETPA sesijoje

Strasbūre, 2001 m. sausio 22–26 dienomis

Sesijos metu vyko trys Ekonominių reikalų ir plėtros komiteto posėdžiai, kurių metu buvo išrinkta komiteto vadovybė, nariai pasiskirstė pakomitečiais (aš nutariau dirbti Biudžeto pakomitetyje).

Komiteto nariai apsvarstė ir balsavo už pasiūlymus tiems pranešimams, kurie svarstomi šioje sesijoje – “Euras ir didesnė Europa” ir “Pietryčių Europos Stabilumo pakto įgyvendinimas”, apsvarstė kitus einamuosius klausimus.

Po viso komiteto susitiko Biudžeto reikalų pakomitetis, kuris išklausė ET Administracinio direktorato vadovus, kurie pateikė savo nuomonę apie finansinę ET ir ETPA padėtį ir perspektyvas, nusprendė, kas ruoš pranešimus apie kitų metų biudžetus.

Sesijoje buvo svarstomi šie klausimai – Latvijos įsipareigojimų svarstymas, padėtis Čečenijoje, žodžio laisvė Ukrainoje, migrantų dalyvavimas ET valstybių narių politiniame gyvenime, ekonominiai ir kiti klausimai. Priede yra kalba, kuri buvo parušta diskusijai apie tranzitinę migraciją Europoje.


Sigita Burbienė


Dear collegues, I am very glad to see you again and want to express my concern on the matter we are discussing today. As I am from Lithuania, Baltic country, that is bondering with Bielorussia, Russia, Poland and Latvia and has sea border with Sweden, you can understand that transit migration is very utmost item in our country.I must say the report is really interesting and the matter we discuss is a problem not only in European countries, it’s a problem of mankind, as the reasons of this phenomena is living conditions in the countries of origin of many illegal migrants.

As it is said in the draft recommendation, point 5 – “there is a pressure on central and east European goverments from their western neighbours to make their refugee and immigration policies more restrictive” And I’m sure, readmission agreements are very important in this case. Lithuania has readmission agreements with 13 countries, and 4 more signed. But unfortunately you won’t find Russia and Bielorussia in this list. This is really a terrible problem, as we know that most illegal immigrants are passing through these countries. We have information that there can be about more than 100 thousand persons waiting for a chance to make their way through Lithuania or other country and reach “eldorado” in West Europe. You can understand that this is not only Lithuanian problem as we have found some receipts for this case, but this is european problem as well because illegal are looking for another way, not through Lithuania to reach Western Europe. As we have readmission agreement with our nearest western neighbours Poland and Sweden over the sea, most of illegal migrants, who escaped our officers are returned to Lithuania. Most of them are economy migrants and are unhappy to be detented in the country in transition. We had to find solution for this problem, as we have 3.7 mln inhabitants, and even some thousand of illegal migrants couse a lot of problems. And as I said, we did it.

We are especially thankful for Scandinavian countries for their financial and technical assistance what concerns illegal migration.We have established regitratration centre for detention of illegal migrants and a centre for those seeking asylum for political reasons in 1997. From the beginning of 1992 up to 1997 illegal migration was increasing year to year, most of them from Asia, Africa or Middle East, than from Commonwealth of independent states. The main desired destination of them was and still is - Germany. From 1997 irregular migration decreased due to our attempts and western assistant. And no we have 8 times less detented persons in the centre. What have we done? First of all better guardening of the borders, second more severe punishment for smugglers of alive goods, thirdly rumour about these facts in potencial migrants groups, fourth we have found a way to return economic migrants to there countries, simply chartering plains and volunteers can reach their native countries.

That does’t mean, we have no problems, as there are a lot of problems in the world and people try to find their way out, as one of them – illegal migration. And we know transit migration in the summer will increase, there are person, as in any other country, that are ready to do anything to get easy money taking migrants through borders, and some of them simply loosing them in the woods or somewhere else, even in winter, what is quite unusual for many migrants from warm countries. Still we try to do our best, as most of us know that very few leave their countries just for fun – their living conditions are terrible, part of them can be sentenced to death because of their political views and we are obliged to assist them, in the best way. So about 700 persons tried to seek for asylum, though about 100 have got the status of refugee.

And I’m sure when all the wars are finished, all the totalitarian regims are ended, most of the countries are wellfare countries, the problem of illegal migration, clandestine transition and so on will diminish. I hope all of us are eager to work in this destination.

Naujausi pakeitimai - 2002 07 29.

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